Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CFIR's letter to the Indian Worker Congress

Cass County Jail
Christopher Glory
450 34th Street
Fargo, ND 58103

Indian Worker Congress:

We at Coloradans For Immigrant Rights (CFIR), a project of AFSC, have followed your brave struggle which shows us not only the dangers of a “guest worker” program that treats people as commodities but also the power of workers united. It is truly inspiring to see how you have drawn upon the history of non-violent resistance from both your home country and the United States in defense of your freedom and human rights.

We are deeply troubled by the actions of Immigration and Customs Enforcement who would retaliate against those who seek justice, rather than hold accountable companies such as Signal that profit from the trafficking, servitude and exploitation of people. And we are saddened that some of you have been detained by ICE and are now facing federal criminal charges. The perpetrators, not the victims, of human trafficking should answer for their actions.

Our group, which represents hundreds of individuals across the state of Colorado, works to support the human rights of immigrant communities and to create a vision of a world where dignity and justice are afforded to everyone. Your actions contribute to such a world and we stand beside in your struggle. Thank you.

In Solidarity,