Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Juana Villegas: A Pregnant Woman Detained

Juana Villegas: A Pregnant Woman Detained
Watch Juana relate the trauma of being shackled and detained while giving birth. She was nine months pregnant when stopped for "careless driving”, but instead of receiving a customary citation, she was shackled and detained, and remained shackled while giving birth. All this because of agreement 287(g) between local police and federal immigration authorities.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Another World IS Possible...

I’m leaving on Sunday for Brazil to attend the World Social Forum. I’m coordinating our four person AFSC delegation from across the country. While in Brazil we will be blogging. This will include posting photos and short clips of video. If you are interested in reading the blog during the week I am there, I’d love to have you join as a follower. Click on the link http://wearetheworldsocialforum-afsc.blogspot.com/ and then scroll down to “follow this blog”. We will also put a link on the CFIR blog.

Another World IS Possible,

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