Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Juana Villegas: A Pregnant Woman Detained

Juana Villegas: A Pregnant Woman Detained
Watch Juana relate the trauma of being shackled and detained while giving birth. She was nine months pregnant when stopped for "careless driving”, but instead of receiving a customary citation, she was shackled and detained, and remained shackled while giving birth. All this because of agreement 287(g) between local police and federal immigration authorities.


The Indigenous Xicano said...

It saddens me that there is not a collective national outrage over this injustice. More importantly, it energizes me to fight harder and find better focus to be part of the solution.

Keep up the good fight!

dj steffon said...

What part of ILLEGAL (meaning not legal or not lawful) in illegal immigrant do you people not understand? She should not be ENTITLED to anything in the U.S., as she is not an american citizen. She had no RIGHTS as those are reserved for American citizens that are LEGALLY here in the country. Moreover she is a repeat criminal offender, First by entering the country ILLEGALLY the first time then being deported and returning once again ILLEGALLY, then driving without a license ILLEGALLY.(Did she have insurance?) She is a repeat criminal offender and a drain on the U.S. taxpayer that is here legally. How much has she paid in taxes since she has been here? (NONE= Tax evasion once again another criminal act) She has how many kids that were born here as a result of her criminal act of sneaking into the country repeatedly ILLEGALLY? Who pays for the social services i.e Food Stamps or welfare, WIC or any other government service funded by legal U.S. taxpayers that ARE here LEGALLY. What a joke! You come here illegally, burden our system, commit criminal or illegal offences, then have the nerve to believe we owe you something. How disgusting! You owe us money. If for some reason she is awarded some kind of monetary settlement out of this, it should be seized by the IRS for her tax evasion. Why should I or other taxpaying legal citizens have to pay for people like this? The short answer is we shouldnt! Our country is in debt. We dont have enough money for you too. The loopholes need to be shut down. and the ILLEGALS need to be sent packing!