Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing - VOTE!

Friend --
There are lots of folks in Washington pretending to be experts on immigration. Some are leaders of "think tanks" that blame immigrants for global warming. Others head up hate groups masquerading as grassroots organizations. They flood Congress with scary faxes.
Here's the problem: the Republican Party, and some members of the Democratic Party, have been seduced by this scary band of slick-talking immigration "wolves" in sheep's clothing.
Well, it's a new day, and politicians must decide whether to embrace change or get left behind. We've taken the Southern Poverty Law Center's latest report exposing these guys and built a website where people can take action. You can watch a new video and vote on the worst of the worst of what these "Anti-Immigrant Wolves" have said.
Check it out:
We know that organizations like the Center for Immigration Studies, Numbers USA, and the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) are not mainstream voices on immigration, but our politicians and media need to know it, too.
These are the same folks that work behind the scenes to turn every Congressional debate into a fight on immigration. Most recently, they whipped up fear over the kids' health bill, which included legal immigrant children. And they lost, big time, thanks to all of you.
We need your help to make sure that these voices of intolerance are no longer considered mainstream.
Please watch our new video, vote for the "Top Anti-Immigrant Wolf," and help us spread the word about this effort:
Thanks for everything you're doing to counter this extremism.
Adam Luna
America's Voice

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