Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Senate continues debate

The senate will vote on Friday for cloture, to close the debate and then vote on the bill. If you haven't called your senators yet, now would be a good time to do so. Wayne Allard has been voting against any humanitarian amendments and for every detention provision. Salazar has been doing the opposite. There are 12 million people in our communities who will either be negated or affirmed in the next few days. Let's affirm them by calling our senators and asking them to support these core principles.

  • Provide a Path to Permanent Resident Status and Citizenship for All Members of Our Communities.
  • Reunite Families and Reduce Immigration Backlogs.
  • Create a Worker Program that Protects the Rights and Dignity of Workers.
  • Ensure that All Law Enforcement Entities Respect Human Rights and Civil Liberties.
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform Must Provide Clear Steps to Integrating Immigrants into All Facets of Community Life.
  • Restore Fundamental Civil Rights.
  • Protect the Rights of Refugees and Asylees.

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