Friday, July 27, 2007

DREAM ACT update

While the Graham amendment to militarize the DREAM Act was taken off the table, the threat of further detention and militarization remains. Please continue to call your senators in opposition of including those.

"Update from AILA: The Senate just voted by 52-44 to sustain a ruling that the Graham amendment was not germane to the DHS appropriations debate. This means that we have dodged the horrible due process and detention “authorizing” language included in Graham’s amendment.

However, the Democrats and Republicans have reached a preliminary deal to include the funding portion of the amendment. It was very likely that the Democrats were going to be able to defend against the enforcement amendment so the Democrats accepted the funding as a compromise. Very unfortunately, the funding portion of the amendment may include 45,000 more detention beds, 23,000 border agents, and billions of dollars for enforcement. They are negotiating the text of the funding amendment now. Unfortunately, Dream and Agjobs are most likely off the table now."

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