Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May 1st Rally

The May 1st Committee
Convenes a Celebration
of International Labor Day

As immigrant workers we want to recognize and celebrate this day by having a festival to promote unity and tolerance. For this reason we insist on the following to create more unity and tolerance:
      • NO to the expansion of the detention center in Aurora
      • NO more racial profiling by the police and state Patrol
      • NO more Deportations
      • YES to documents and a path to citizenship for all
We invite the public to come
SHARE their poems, music and reflections at our open mic
HEAR music and speeches
SEE traditional indigenous dance

Date: Thursday, May 1st

Time: 4:00pm to 7:00pm

Location: Fletcher Plaza, 9898 East Colfax Avenue, Aurora
(Colfax and Elmira, In Front of Martin Luther King)

Flyer from the May 1st Committee

1 comment:

Twoelouie said...

I don't expect you folks to post this...but"HOW DARE YOU"!! The LEGAL immigrants (from WHEREVER), I personally WELCOME you!! But you/the ILLEGALS, y'all remind me of the references in the bible to "the Locusts" !!
YOU actually expect a "path to citizenship" when your first "act " on this soil an ILLEGAL one...Yeah, you will make wonderful citizens....We NEED more folks to become citizens that pick and choose which of our laws to break and or ignore!! Well,HECK,each of you should "go back and bring another back with you...(Oh, you've already done that....)
Why don't you stay in your own country and fix it and make it a decent place for folks to live!!Are you too ignorant to see that you're being used by the rich/ruling class of your own country (historically ,business as usual!)They are USING your uneducated selves to try and "get the land back that was "taken" by military conquest by US (A) and an added plus for your rich/ruling class is that they don't have to provide services for the masses in your own country!! Y'all are CANNON FODDER and too uneducated to realize it !!