Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The National Dialogue on the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review begins TODAY!

Join the conversation at HomelandSecurityDialogue.org
Right now, thousands of stakeholders across the country are coming together to produce ideas and priorities that will inform our nation's homeland security policies for the next four years. DHS will produce a report based on the results of its review for submission to Congress on December 31, 2009.
You can read and rate actual DHS study group proposals, contribute your own ideas, and watch in real time as the best ideas "rise to the top" at http://www.homelandsecuritydialogue.org.
Please participate in this initiative, and help spread the word:
1. Forward this e-mail to five friends or colleagues whose ideas and perspectives should be part of this discussion. We have created a one-page summary of the National Dialogue for your ease of use.
2. Post a message or link on your blog, newsletter, corporate intranet, or e-mail list.
3. Block out 2-3 hours between August 3rd and August 9th to visit homelandsecuritydialogue.org, create a user account, and participate in the Dialogue.
4. Follow us on Twitter at @qhsrdialogue to receive event reminders and updates.
Need more info? Watch this short video of Secretary Napolitano explaining the National Dialogue on the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, and why your input is so critical to this process.
This unique opportunity is hosted by the National Academy of Public Administration, a non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on effective government. Your participation, and that of stakeholders like you around the nation, will inform this important review of our nation's homeland security strategy and priorities. Thank you in advance for joining the discussion and sharing your feedback.

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