Friday, August 10, 2007

DHS: Dismantling Human rights and Security

The Department of Homeland Security released new "rules" today. Included within are:

  • Expanded ("Delegated") search and seizure
  • 31,500 new detention beds
  • Biometrics at airports
  • Sharing of all Motor Vehicle records with the federal government, especially photos (Wave to them on your next driver's license)
  • The expansion of electronic verification of identification and access to more databases of personal information (REAL ID resuscitated)
  • Narrowing of documentation which can be used for employment
  • Further "cooperation" with local and state police forces
  • 75 fifteen person teams to conduct raids
  • Expansion of criminal penalties for employers
  • Expansion of guest worker programs- both temporary and professional, but nothing for family VISAS
  • Decreased rights for asylees/refugees (Forced repatriation to countries unwilling to accept returning immigrants)
  • Elimination of due process in Voluntary Deportation proceedings
  • Data sharing between Social Security and Department of Homeland Security
  • Propaganda reports on a regular basis "State of the Border" addresses
And for integration they will be putting up a new web tool so immigrants can learn English online.

What do you think of these new rules?

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