Friday, October 5, 2007

Elvira, Liliana , Many More Families

As Elvira Arellano tirelessly organizes in Mexico after her deportation (after she left sanctuary), Liliana and her family have taken refuge in a different church. Across the country the New Sanctuary Movement is gaining traction.

Those who have taken sanctuary among us tell us the stories of so many other families. Every family a story of work and school, celebrations and sorrows. Every time I see their faces I think of what the current immigration system tries to take from my neighbors and friends; dignity, safety, respect, the right to work and family.

Each time I see a photo of Elvira or Liliana and their families I know that the system has not been successful. They demonstrate the dignity of people who have had enough, the safety of the love of their families, faiths and communities, the respect of all those working for a just world, and the right to be with their families.

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