Friday, January 11, 2008

Attention: Your Legislator Went to Work Yesterday!

Yesterday was the opening day of the Colorado legislative session. People who genuinely want to make a change, our elected representatives will start sorting through about 500 bills and try to make good choices that represent you. They don't do it for the money. The position pays about $30,000 a year.

I found Senator Ken Gordon's commentary to be refreshing and to the point. It's attached below. It's non-partisan advice to voters. He has ran his campaigns without taking any special interest money and is an interesting guy, Anyhow, he can be honest because he cannot run again due to term limits. Check it out.

Also, you can go here to find out who your state level Reps and Senators are. Click "Find/Change Location" to the right of the map. Enter your address without abbreviations. You just need your street address, city and zip code. Ignore the other info. It will come back with the map and, on the top left, your districts and the names of your state level house and senate reps and your congressional rep to the United States House.

This year the State Legislature House proceedings will be televised on Comcast Cable TV Channel 165 or on the net at Broadcasting begins the 21st of January.

If you are interested in Adopting a Policy Maker for Coloradans for Immigrant Rights, please contact Jordan Garcia
By Senator Ken Gordon
The People

As we start a new legislative session we can expect elected leaders and special interests to face intense scrutiny. Yet there is an indispensable group that is rarely noticed and whose actions almost never receive any critical examination: the People of Colorado.

It is understandable that politicians are reluctant to criticize voters. Imagine the following, not completely apocryphal, conversation.

Candidate: "Someone criticizes every position I take. The people want small classes, affordable in-state college tuition, a robust health care safety net and well-maintained roads and bridges. They vote for these costly services every time they get a chance, and then they vote for lower taxes every time they get a chance. They are inconsistent. Only half of them vote on a good day. And then they elect candidates who tell them they can have something for nothing. I'm going to tell the people that the reason this country is in such a mess is because of them."

Campaign Manager: "Mr. Candidate... uh… that would be a good idea if... you were crazy."

Let's strike a bargain and consider dividing responsibilities.

Elected officials... will listen to input from the public and experts. They will read the studies, examine the facts and negotiate in good faith with People who disagree. They will be honest, and not hesitate to point out when something is not possible. They will not avoid wrestling with unpleasant facts and tough choices by finding an "enemy" that everyone can blame. They will not sell their souls to special interests for campaign contributions.

The People... will keep up with public events to a sufficient degree to make intelligent choices when they vote. They will not be persuaded by special-interest financed, mindless television ads, where a candidate stands in front of a mountain and says, "I care about Colorado." They will be logical, and not reward politicians who promise them inconsistent outcomes. They will not support the candidate backed by their own special interest for selfish reasons; they will think about the general welfare as well.

Here is an example that highlights the problem...

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Samuel I. Richard said...

Thank you for sharing this article. There is some great insight here.

Also wanted to drop by and thank you for the support amidst everything that is happening here in Phoenix. I was just forwarded the letter you penned to Chief Harris. Thank you for your work!