Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Decoding O'Reilley

Decoding O' Reilley He makes racism a black problem by saying that it is their attitude in dealing with racism that has to change. He also uses a tone of tokenism; arguments whose conclusion is that you're alright if you are black as long as you act white. He holds up examples of "american" culture and then gives numerous examples of people who are black who fit his mold. Basically, entertainers and sports stars. He decries rap and R&B as unamerican. He tries to sympathize with black america by recognizing racism exists and then spends the whole show downplaying the role of white america in racsim. He states over and over that you can't change what people think, but advocates a change in thinking in black americans. I guess he could be talking to his audience to try and get his point across or convince them. However, I find it hard to believe that O'Reiley is trying to advocate for black americans. Especially in light of his anti-immigrant stance which is actually a crusade to maintain the "white majority" by limiting the migration of people of color. My cynical brain says he's using the same strategy as "Choose Black America" which is to drive a wedge between groups so you can win. Decide for yourself by listening. -Piper

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