Monday, February 4, 2008

Caucus for Immigration

What: Consider proposing the "plank" below at your caucus on Tuesday.

Why: Platforms are written by caucus goers and convention delegates and send a clear message to our political parties what their base desires. They are supposed to direct the policies of the party. You can start the process of adding this plank to the platform at your caucus on Tuesday.

How: All you have to do is read it to your fellow precinct caucus goers and then they put it to a vote. Anyone can propose a change to the platform. If you can, take at least 50 copies of the resolution you want to get onto the platform. Give them to every person at your own precinct caucus so they can read along. Best to get there at 6:40 PM to get registered. The caucuses startat 7 sharp.

What next: If it passes, you precinct delegate to the county convention will take it to the convention and read it there. If it passes there, it then goes on to the State and National levels.

Extra details: Colorado Democratic Party Platform and Caucus Locations
Colorado Republican Party Platform and Caucus Locations
(I was unable to locate the Colorado GOP's 2006 platform so the above link is for 2004)

Platform Plank

Whereas Colorado is a state that values basic democratic principles and civil liberties for all its residents and recognizes the contributions of all communities to this nation, and

Whereas the current tone of the debate with respect to immigration has been overwhelmed by demagoguery, xenophobia and mean-spiritedness that diminishes every resident in this state, and

Whereas the attacks against immigrants threaten to undermine real reforms for a range of programs important to residents of this state, including health care, worker protections and civil liberties, and

Whereas Colorado is a State that values all its residents and workers, and

Whereas Colorado recognizes the chilling effect of anti-immigrant policies on all residents’ wages, standards of living, workplace and community safety, and

Whereas Colorado recognizes anti-immigrant policies have negatively impacted our economy by reducing our labor pool, tax and consumer bases

Whereas Colorado’s special session anti-immigrant legislation cost the State of Colorado more than $2 million to enforce and have yet to result in cost savings to the State of Colorado

Therefore be it resolved that the __________ Party adopt the following...

"The Colorado ____________ Party stands for America's finest ideals and core community values, rejects the politics of division and isolation efforts by any candidate for office which sow isolation, fear and xenophobia against any person or community, including our newest members, recognizes the ineffectiveness of State level immigration policy, and calls on Congress to enact a just and human immigration reform bill"

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Piper said...

This passed at my caucus! Everyone agreed and voted yes. I was really surprised and touched that it was unanimous.