Monday, February 25, 2008

Pledge for Legislators

ON February 5th an interfaith group asked Colorado legislators to sign this pledge. The pledge guides the words legislators use in an effort to keep hate to a minimum and to enable us to talk about differing perspectives on immigration without demonizing immigrants.

“We are concerned that at times the debate demonstrates little respect for the issue or the people affected by the legislation. Immigrants are living in a climate of fear, hate, and As a legislator representing the people of Colorado, I believe that regarding matters where we are not of one mind, our humble respect for each other and all of God’s children can draw us together to be of one heart.

Therefore, I pledge that as I take positions and enter into dialogue on the issue of immigration that the tone of my discourse and the choice of my words will reflect the respect I have for the sacred humanity of those about whom I am speaking and with whom I may disagree.”

The numerous faith leaders said in a statement that they believed all people should discuss their differences in a spirit of civility, reason, and humility.

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